The "Animus Aeternus" (Latin for Eternal Souls) painting collection reveals a desire to highlight the importance of a spiritual being, nourishing the soul that will never cease to exist.
The sacred souls portrayed symbolize the depth of spirituality reflected in my own art, which in itself I find a blessing. 
They are "Divine Beings" that help me connect to the light..
In essence, the body of artwork presented in this collection does not intend to impose my spirituality or faith on the viewer but it is a personal reflection and a tribute to the celebration of eternal life and it is a visual memoir of my personal journey and evolution

POTRAYAL OF HEROINES ~                                   The  Metamorphosis of Beauty

The artworks included in this collection of paintings reveal my Aesthetic ideas that constitutes the metamorphosis of the principles of beauty.
Beauty that can be intended as ethereal, sublime, mystical, poetic and in some cases atypical, surreal and interesting to counteract the notion of beauty while drifting from reality.
Each character with her own individual story to tell..


Paintings on canvas Gallery

Plato once said "The contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings", I am a firm believer that real beauty comes straight from the heart, that inner light that radiates from inside out.

I portray beauty as I interpret it, it can be extravagant, ethereal, spiritual, elemental or perhaps it can leave you guessing. A little dose of bliss but never disturbing.

My paintings are often inspired by women of semi divine origins, courageous heroines,  literature, poetry, nature, music and sometime people in general.

The feelings and sentiments that fuel my urge to paint my visions are transferred onto the canvas with each brushstroke.

Check this page often as my new artwork will be added here regularly.