Creating art is my recollection of fragments of emotions, moods and feelings that are transferred and visualized onto canvas. I portray the beauty and the complex frailty of the human soul in my paintings.
My paintings are often inspired by women of divine origins, courageous heroines, literature, poetry, nature, music and everything that surrounds me.
Ultimately, Art is for me a spontaneous and well defined form of expression that allows me to communicate visions of my world that I wish to share and every painting session is a new challenge and the most exciting journey.
I wish to spark and to convey emotions through my art and I hope that my artwork will also transmit feelings of kindness and beauty to the audience, across the space and time because art is what truly beautifies our world.




Deborah Bowe is an Italian American Figurative Artist who has resided in Europe, Asia and America and she is currently creating in her Northern Virginia Studio and exhibiting in the DMV Area and Nationally. Her artwork resides in private collections in Europe, Asia and across the United States.

Some of Deborah’s work has been selected as a finalist for the D.C., Maryland and Virginia regions by Bombay Sapphire and Artsy and in the Impact USA National permanent exhibition sponsored by Pepco Edison.

Her artworks express her dreams and serene visions of a subtle beauty and the complex frailty of the human soul. She creates glazed and luminous surreal portraits and relief textured palette knife paintings in acrylics and mixed media.

The "Animus Aeternus" (Eternal Soul) and "The Grandeur of Illusion and Theatricality" painting collections have been created in 2018 to highlight the purity and the nobility of the heart. "Animus Aeternus" reveals a desire to highlight the importance of a spiritual being, nourishing the soul that will never cease to exist.

The sacred souls portrayed symbolize the depth of spirituality, they are a personal reflection and a tribute to the celebration of eternal life and it is a visual memoir of Deborah's personal journey and evolution.

"The Grandeur of Illusion and Theatricality" has been inspired by the design aesthetic of the 18th century French noble society, pre-revolution.​ The collection features sensual, flamboyant, intriguing and richly adorned aristocrats, they symbolize my revised visions of the life and fashion of the courtesans at the French court and it is Deborah’s personal homage to French Baroque and Rococo'.
She constantly explores and experiments with abstract and surrealism to express her creativity and to offer insights of her own hidden and magical world.
Deborah has been creating actively for over 25 years by designing props for visual merchandisers to dollmaking, ( - sculpting (DCBArtStudio), painting and working as a photographer, graphic and print designer.
​She believes that there are no limits to fuel creativity and to create art becomes the most exciting and insightful journey.